Thank You, Thank you

At Desert Aire, we love it when people talk about us. We know there are customers, industry experts, manufacturers reps and engineers who share our passion for healthy and productive indoor environments. Here are a few testimonial comments we’ve received from our community of professionals.

What are Desert Aire’s top selling points? As a manufacturers rep serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, I’d say Desert Aire products have great energy recovery. And price, they’ve been competitive. The quality compared to the competition is another top selling point. And Desert Aire has great service. Desert Aire is one of the best as far as technical service. If something is wrong and we call we usually get an answer within minutes. They are quick to figure out why something’s not happening. We get very good support. I’ve even called their service manager after hours on his personal line and he usually picks up. They really care that stuff is being taken care of and the system is correct.

Duro Watt, VP Sales, Arizona HVAC

Desert Aire has a phenomenal history of problem solving and engineering. They understand dew points. They understand evaporation. They understand all of the things that we go through in a swimming pool, and I think they really understand it like no other. So they would be my first go-to company just because of experience, and because of success. They have a phenomenal track record.

Mick Nelson, Facilities Development Director, USA Swimming

Desert Aire has been a great industry partner. As a young, growing company it's hard to find mature market leaders that are willing to work with us. Desert Aire has been innovative, they have sat down with us, they've done complex calculations to develop some of the best indoor climate control equipment controlling both our temperature and our humidity.

Robert Colangelo, Founding Farmer/CEO, Green Sense Farms