Desert Aire Dehumidifying Equipment by Product Type

To engineer your dehumidification solutions Desert Aire first internalizes your building plans, design goals and the objectives you have for your indoor environments.

We then translate your needs into purpose-built dehumidification and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). These provide greater comfort, process accuracy, enhanced IAQ, structural integrity, long life and efficiently use your resources.

We offer the following dehumidification equipment solution types.

Indoor Pool Systems

Meeting goals of building fast pools for competitive swimmers, indoor water parks that create lasting family memories, and therapy pools that heal patients – starts with solutions from Desert Aire.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

Designing building systems for users that properly condition ventilation air, meet codes, improve air quality, control humidity and conserve energy are all achievable with solutions from Desert Aire.

GrowAire™ Systems and DriCure™ Systems

Grow room operators seeking advanced environmental control for better crop yields and traits, as well as to save energy and resources, will find our engineers and solutions truly effective partners.

Dehumidification Systems

As applied to meet needs by building users for healthy and productive indoor environments, Desert Aire’s Dehumidification Systems are the world-class synthesis of your design specifications, our deep application expertise, patented technologies,