Desert Aire SelectAire™ Plus Units Installed & Running

September 2019
News Releases


Milwaukee, WI - Desert Aire is proud to announce that the first SelectAire™ Plus units have been installed and started!  Although others were shipped first, the Capital Federal Natatorium in Topeka, Kansas was the first to be online.  This order consisted of two SP70 Packaged units that shipped in early and mid-September.  John Fawcett of Fawcett Mechanical secured this project with Desert Aire being basis of design for the project.  

Vice President of Engineering, Craig Burg, Pete Scozzafave from our Service Department and Mark Wunsch our Senior Electrical Engineer reviewed the units’ installation and ensured that the units were operating as expected.  

The highlights were as follows:
•    Pete started the first unit on the week of September 9, 2019. The pool was full but there had been no dehumidification in the space for some time and the humidity was high.  Both he and the contractor stated when the unit was started the condensate produced “was like a firehose was opened”. The heatpipe in the product is working as intended and within a day the space was comfortable.
•    With completion of start-up of the first unit, the natatorium was able to conduct their swim meet that made the shipment timing so critical.
•    The measurement and automation of airflows work tremendously well.  The end result was tremendous. The outdoor air and exhaust air could be set and controlled reliably from 2,000 CFM to 20,000 CFM.  The supply airflow was right at the target and controlled within 2% in every mode of operation.
•    By Wednesday, September 18, 2019 both units were fully operational and the space was controlling to their 82⁰F and 50% RH setpoints.

The Desert Aire service and engineering departments are already onsite starting the second SP job, an SP70 located at the Kroc Center in Quincy, IL.  There is also an SP80 currently being installed at Complexe Aquatique de St-Léonard near Montreal with start-up scheduled for mid-October.  

We are excited to get these additional SP units online and will continue to provide updates.

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