Desert Aire Introduces ExpertAire™ LW Series Dehumidification Solutions For Low Temperature Environments

November 2017
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Milwaukee, WI – Desert Aire has introduced the ExpertAire™ LW Series of dehumidification solutions for low temperature environments, developed to meet customer demand for more cost-effective alternatives to chemical-based systems.

ExpertAire™ LW Series solutions are ideal for facility owners and HVAC system designers striving to keep space humidity under control when air temperatures are low. This ensures the environments meet building performance criteria as well as protect building users, structures, equipment and inventory from the damaging effects of unwanted moisture.

Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ LW Series solutions are designed to control low temperature conditions in ice arenas, water treatment plants, pumping stations, food storage and processing facilities, and the drying rooms of grow rooms and indoor farms. ExpertAire™ LW Series solutions meet a wide range of operating conditions from 45°F to 80°F (7°C to 26°C). Desert Aire offers ExpertAire™ LW Series solutions in capacities ranging from 3 tons to 15 tons.

Key to the extended performance of ExpertAire™ LW Series solutions in low temperature environments are evaporator coils engineered specifically for low ambient moisture removal. Desert Aire then adds appropriate components to ensure long operating lives of the evaporator coils and the entire systems. These components include user-definable timers that will initiate defrost cycles of the evaporator coils if needed. The need to defrost is determined by monitoring suction line temperatures and then activating defrost cycles when they drop below 32° F (-1° C).

Additional options allow customers to customize their ExpertAire™ LW Series solutions for increased flexibility as well as to meet the specific needs of their application environments and building management networks. 

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Desert Aire Corp. is a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial dehumidification systems, environmental control systems and dedicated outdoor air systems. Desert Aire systems provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments while saving energy in a variety of settings including indoor pool facilities; indoor water parks; grow rooms; commercial greenhouses; ice rinks; schools and universities; rec and fitness centers; food storage and processing facilities; office and retail buildings; and water treatment plants. Desert Aire is a subsidiary of Multistack, LLC. Desert Aire’s main office is located at N120 W18485 Freistadt Road, Germantown, WI, 53022, USA. Telephone (262) 946-7400; Fax: (262) 946-7401; 

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