Desert Aire Celebrates 1,500th GrowAire™ Unit Order

April 2022
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MILWAUKEE, WI, April 12, 2022: Desert Aire received the order of its 1,500th GrowAire™ dehumidification unit which maintains temperature and humidity levels to create the optimal growing environment to enhance and protect crops. GrowAire unit

The 1,500 GrowAire™ units range from 4- to 60-ton capacity, with a 22.6 average ton size.  GrowAire™ units are available in a variety of configurations for installation indoors and outdoors and air-cooled and water-cooled versions.  GrowAire™ units are installed in the hot, dry southwest USA and cold climates of Canada and many locations in between.  The installed base includes applications for leafy greens and for legal cannabis.  At an average of 11 GrowAire™ units and 240 total tons per project, the 1,500 GrowAire™ units’ approximate average conditioned indoor grow canopy is 17,000 square feet. In total, GrowAire™ now controls over 2.5 million square feet or more than 57 acres of indoor controlled environment agriculture.

“This achievement further solidifies Desert Aire’s commitment to producing industry-leading equipment with superior dehumidification technology for indoor controlled environment agriculture,” stated Keith Coursin, President of Desert Aire. “We’ve successfully integrated complex purpose-built HVAC equipment solutions into more than 135 customer grow facilities from as little as a small farm of a single grow to those with over 300,000 sq. ft. of grow.”   GrowAire units installed at Revolutionary Clinics

All 1,500 units have included AireGuard™, Desert Aire’s remote monitoring tool that allows users to easily monitor the performance of the equipment on a cloud-based data storage server.  AireGuard™ continues to prove valuable for Desert Aire customers as they are able to provide superior support to their customers by viewing unit operation including a multitude of space condition variables and unit parameters. 

The 1,500th ordered unit is a major milestone for Desert Aire indoor agriculture product line, which has constantly grown since its 2016 introduction, adding innovative new technology, such as VPDsync™ environmental control and DriCure™ units to improve Desert Aire’s controlled environment agriculture equipment portfolio. GrowAire units on rooftop

“We’re proud to provide an ideal solution designed for grow rooms to help growers efficiently manage and optimize their cultivation operations,” said Paul Stewart, Vice President of Sales for Desert-Aire LLC.  “We have continued to innovate our product offering and truly believe that our success is tied to the relentless pursuit of knowledge in understanding this unique application,” explained Stewart.

GrowAire™ systems provide the precise level of cooling and dehumidification required to meet the cultivator’s needs in the grow room.  Growers have the indoor climate control they need to maximize yields and improve plant quality to be competitive in the indoor agriculture market. More information about GrowAire™. Cannabis Grow Room

About Desert Aire LLC 

Desert Aire Corp. is a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidity and climate control systems and has been assisting customers with moisture removal problems while controlling temperature since 1978.  Desert Aire systems provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments while saving energy in a variety of settings including indoor pool facilities, grow rooms, indoor water parks, ice rinks, schools and universities, rec and fitness centers, office and retail buildings, and water treatment plants. Desert Aire’s main office is located at N120 W18485 Freistadt Road, Germantown, WI, 53022, USA. Phone (262) 946-7400; Fax: (262) 946-7401;