Desert Aire Adds GreenAire to Controlled Environment Agriculture Products

October 2021
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MILWAUKEE, WI, October 20, 2021: Desert Aire announces its new GreenAire™ with VPDsync, a complete indoor climate control system with integrated controls and superior, energy-efficient air handler that creates consistent temperature, humidity and vapor pressure deficit for very large indoor agricultural grow facilities of greater than 150,000 sq. ft. to the indoor controlled environment agriculture market.


“In these extra-large facilities, the use of chilled water may be a more economical solution than individual units with compressors,” said Paul Stewart, Vice President of Sales for Desert-Aire LLC. “The GreenAire product is a custom air handler that incorporates internal water flow and temperature control loops to allow the system to vary its sensible heat ratio to meet any load in the grow facility.”

“The key design element is the use of Desert Aire’s special VPDsync™ control algorithms developed for our direct expansion refrigeration based GrowAire product line,” added Keith Coursin, President of Desert Aire. “The GreenAire system will find an air and water flowrate along with a water temperature to match the zone’s load.”


The GreenAire system uses EC type fans for self-balancing airflows using the controller’s output to set the ideal air volume.  A Desert Aire supervised remote start-up can be accomplished utilizing AireGuard, Desert Aire’s cloud-based access system.


Growers will have the indoor climate control they need to maximize yields and improve plant quality to be competitive in the indoor agriculture market using GreenAire with VPDsync™.


GreenAire™ features:

  • (4) pipe air handler with chilled water coil and hot water coil
  • Variable sensible heat ratio
  • (4) cabinet sizes for wide range of air volumes and capacities
  • Small Footprint units ideal for Indoor installation in interstitial space
  • Multiple 3-phase power offerings are available
  • Microprocessor control
  • Building management options include BACnet, Modbus, and Lon 
  • Connection to Desert Aire AireGuard


GreenAire brochure

Application Note 32: Natural Gas-Driven Chiller With Custom Air Handler for Indoor Grow Facilities 


About Desert Aire LLC

Desert Aire Corp. is a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidity and climate control systems. Desert Aire systems provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments while saving energy in a variety of settings including indoor pool facilities, grow rooms, commercial greenhouses, indoor water parks, ice rinks, schools and universities, rec and fitness centers, office and retail buildings, and water treatment plants. Desert Aire’s main office is located at N120 W18485 Freistadt Road, Germantown, WI, 53022, USA. Phone (262) 946-7400; Fax: (262) 946-7401;