ExpertAire™ Wide Temperature Range (LW) Series

Product Details

More cost-effective than chemical-based units, Desert Aire’s LW Series dehumidification solutions win the battles between low temperature environments and moisture challenges.

These dehumidification systems keep space humidity low, while controlling outdoor air. This ensures low temperature environments meet your facility's performance criteria, as well as protect building structures and equipment.

These low temperature solutions are ideal for:

        •   Ice Arenas
        •   Water Treatment Plants
        •   Pumping Stations
        •   Food Storage and Processing Facilities
        •   Indoor Grow Product Drying Rooms

See below for important product specs and PDFs.

Features & Specs

Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ Wide Temperature Range (LW Series) systems feature:

  • Indoor, outdoor and roof curb installation.
  • Configurable to meet specific application requirements.
  • Provides dehumidification, cooling and heating for facility.
  • Defrost cycle allows operation down to 40F (5 C).
  • Electric or Hot Water Coil auxiliary heat options.
  • All voltages and phases available including single phase.
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors. 
  • Building management connection available.
Product Downloads
Download Brochure-ExpertAire-LW-Series-DA214.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-CM3540-Series-DA288.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-AireGuard-DA334.pdf
Download Brochure-Remote-Condenser-RCD-RC8-Series-DA226
Download Data Sheet ExpertAire Performance LW Series DA317
Download G305-001-LW-GA-Drawing.PDF
Download Tech-Note-Water-Treatment-Plant-Dehumidiifer-Sizing-Guide-Application-Note-DA112.pdf
Download Tech-Note-Indoor-Ice-Rink-Dehumidifier-Sizing-Guide-Application-Note-DA113.pdf
Download LW-BACnet-Points-Ver-1_x_x.pdf
Download LW-LON-Points-Ver-1_x_x.pdf
Download LW-MODBUS-Points-Ver-1_x_x.pdf

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