GrowAire™ Systems

Product Details

Indoor Farming and Grow Room Climate Control & Dehumidification

Desert Aire’s GrowAire™ Dehumidification Systems are specifically designed for indoor farming and grow room climate control & dehumidification.

These commercial dehumidifier systems feature scalable designs to size grow rooms, commercial greenhouse and indoor farming solutions for peak cooling loads when plants are small; and then regulate humidity levels as plants mature – eliminating the need to purchase separate commercial dehumidification and air conditioning equipment.

See below for important product specs and PDFs.

Features & Specs

Desert Aire’s GrowAire™ solutions feature:

  • Capacity to treat growing areas greater than 5,000 sq ft (465 sq m).
  • Indoor, outdoor and roof curb installation.
  • Optimized refrigeration system with variable sensible heat ratio design.
  • Packaged or split air and water cooled designs.
  • Small Footprint Indoor Design.
  • Air cooled units fully operational down to -30F (-35C).
  • Electric, Hot and Water Coil auxiliary heat options.
  • All 3-phase voltages available.
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors. Building management connection available.
Product Downloads
Download Brochure-GrowAire-Series-DA440b.pdf
Download Brochure-Grow-Room-DA020.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-CM3550-Series-DA333.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-AireGuard-DA334.pdf
Download Brochure-Remote-Condenser-RC-Series-DA226.pdf
Download Brochure GrowAire Series DriCure
Download Brochure-CO2-Enrichment-Option-GrowAire-DA441.pdf
Download Grow Room GrowAire Project Information Form
Download Tech Tip 118 Grow Room Auxiliary Heating
Download 25-AN - Grow Room Load Determination
Download 26-AN-Grow-Room-Environmental-Control.pdf
Download 27-AN-HVAC-Systems-and-Grow-Room-Energy-Usage.pdf
Download 28-AN-Vapor-Pressure-Deficit-and-HVAC-System-Design.pdf
Download IAQ GR BACnet Points Ver 3_0_4.pdf