ExpertAire™ Horizontal (LC) Vertical (LV) & Packaged (LCQ) Series Dehumidifier

Product Details

Designed for high efficiency and long life, Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ commercial dehumidification systems optimize moisture removal in a diverse range of applications including:


The ExpertAire™ Series has the highest Moisture Removal Efficiency ratings available!

These commercial dehumidification systems also offer the flexibility to regulate the introduction of outdoor air, providing energy cost-savings for your facility.

See below for important product specs and PDFs.

Features & Specs

Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ commercial dehumidification systems feature:

  • Capacity for pool surface less than 2,000 sq ft (185 sq m).
  • Indoor (LC and LV), Outdoor or roof curb (LC Only) installation.
  • Configurable to meet specific application requirements.
  • Provides dehumidification, cooling, heating and ventilation for pool facility.
  • Ventilation available to meet ASHRAE 62.1 requirements.
  • Pool water heat recovery available.
  • Electric or Hot Water Coil auxiliary heat options.
  • All voltages and phases available including single phase.
  • Meets AHRI 910.
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors. Building management connection available.
Product Downloads
Download Brochure-ExpertAire-Series-All-Options.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-CM3530-Series-DA320.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-AireGuard-DA334.pdf
Download Brochure-Remote-Condenser-RCD-RC8-Series-DA226
Download Brochure-RecoverAire-Exhaust-Recovery-DA330.pdf
Download Insert ExpertAire Pool Overview DA450b.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-AireGuard-DA334.pdf
Download Insert ExpertAire Hot Water Coil DA450d.pdf
Download Insert ExpertAire LCQ Gas Heat DA450c.pdf
Download Data-Sheet-ExpertAire-Performance-LC-Series-1to6-tons-DA286.pdf
Download Data-Sheet-ExpertAire-Performance-LC-Series-8to15-tons-DA287.pdf
Download Data-Sheet-ExpertAire-Performance-LV-Series-DA312.pdf
Download ExpertAire LC Series General Arrangment Drawing.pdf
Download ExpertAire LC Series Roofcurb General Arrangment Drawing.pdf
Download ExpertAire LV Dimensional Drawings Horizontal Discharge.pdf
Download ExpertAire LV Dimensional Drawings Vertical Discharge.pdf
Download ExpertAire-LV-Series-RH-General-Arrangement-Drawings.pdf
Download Electric Heater (LV) - Vertical Discharge Mount.pdf
Download Electric Heater - Horizontal Discharge Mount.pdf
Download RecoverAire-General-Arrangement-Drawing
Download Brochure-21st-Century-Pool-Design-Guide-DA030.pdf
Download Tech-Note-Indoor-Pool-Dehumidiifer-Sizing-Guide-Application-Note-DA110.pdf
Download LC-LV BACnet Points
Download LC-LV LON Points List
Download LC-LV MODBUS Points
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LC05B-NO-OA-BOX.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-03-110-10R-L.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-03-110-10R-R.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-04-110-10R-L.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-04-110-10R-R.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-05-120-12R-L.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-05-120-12R-R.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-06-120-12R-L.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-06-120-12R-R.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-08-120-12R-L.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-08-120-12R-R.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-08-150-12R-L.rfa
Download BIM-ExpertAire-LV-08-150-12R-R.rfa

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