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Pool with windows photo courtesy of Tri State Home Services

Enhancing Your “Cement Pond” Indoor Pool Room

In the 1960’s TV show The Beverly Hillbillies (CBS, 1962-1971), the character of Jethro Bodine referred to the swimming pool at the mansion as the “cement pond”. So why is a dehumidifier manufacturer bringing back this reference?


April 5, 2021


Quarter Wave Decay Control Curve and Overshoot graph for PID loop

What is PID Tuning and What Does it Mean for Grow Room HVAC control?

What Is PID?

What is PID and why would any indoor grow cultivator want to know about this obscure control theory term? This blog will try to convince you that PID Tuning may be the most important term for your HVACD...

February 17, 2021


Magic hat

HVAC Requirements of Water-Cooled Lights

I find it interesting the claims being made by water-cooled grow light manufacturers. This blog will provide context for the cultivator to understand the overall indoor grow room design requirements of a facility that will use water-cooled...

December 22, 2020