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Cannabis grow room

Growers in Search of HVACD Efficiency

High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems don’t turn into actual energy savings for growers because of moisture removal limitations.

As law makers and energy companies struggle to understand the loads associated with...

May 8, 2023


Tomatoes grown in greenhouse

Indoor Food Cultivation Is Growing and it’s all About Control

What is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)?

Controlled Environment Agriculture is, quite simply, farming done indoors. The idea is to create an environment that is as close to ideal for plant growth as possible...

April 19, 2023


Dehumidification Terms related to a pool room

How 3 Key Dehumidification Terms Relate

What is evaporation, condensation and dew point? 

What are the relationships between these concepts and what can a dehumidifier do to control a pool room environment?


June 13, 2022