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HVAC Requirements of Water-Cooled Lights

I find it interesting the claims being made by water-cooled grow light manufacturers. This blog will provide context for the cultivator to understand the overall indoor grow room design requirements of a facility that will use water-cooled...

December 22, 2020


Attention Cannabis Grower label

An Insider’s View of 8 Indoor Grow Room Design Factors

I am writing this blog as an outsider as I am not a grower, but rather an HVAC insider having spent the majority of my career solving indoor humidity problems using industrial dehumidifiers.

Many professionals in today’s controlled...

November 18, 2020


Indoor pool ventilation rate is 8 times more than an office space

Indoor Pool Ventilation and COVID-19

Recently a swim school facilities owner contacted Desert Aire to ask about ventilation of indoor pools and air quality in light of COVID-19. The owner wanted to know if any changes in their pool dehumidification system were needed to maintain...

October 6, 2020