Dehumidifiers & Dehumidification Systems for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Desert Aire develops patented dehumidification solutions for Water & Wastewater Treatment plants. We provide plant designers, operators, engineers and managers with the most appropriate, cost-effective and sustainable dehumidifier solutions for their public works water & wastewater treatment needs.

Desert Aire water treatment plant dehumidification solutions help protect expensive instrumentation and process control equipment from the damaging effects of condensation.  Desert Aire’s LW series has a wide range of operations to continue to remove moisture from the air to extend the life of water treatment infrastructure.

Pumping stations, filtration buildings and sludge dewatering facilities can all benefit from the tight humidity control Desert Aire dehumidifier solutions provide.

Desert Aire has been providing commercial dehumidifier solutions since 1978 and have installations throughout North America. We look forward to assisting with your next project! 

If you have any questions, or would like more info on our dehumidification systems, please contact us! If you are in charge of HVAC for buildings like these and are interested in our dehumidification systems, please request a quote.