Dehumidification Systems for Grocery Stores, Retail Stores and Supermarkets.

High humidity and condensation are the enemies of grocery stores and supermarkets in the refrigeration aisles.  Condensation forming on the refrigeration equipment makes the equipment work harder consuming greater amounts of energy and will shorten the life of this equipment.

Desert Aire’s dehumidification solutions for supermarkets, grocery & retail stores will assist in eliminating the humidity problems that lead to fogging on refrigerated display case doors, condensation on the refrigeration equipment  and buildup of frost on frozen food packaging.

Our energy-efficient, easy-to-maintain retail store dehumidifier solutions also ensure that your stores have the indoor air quality that meets the season-to-season needs of shoppers and building codes.

Importance of Dehumidification Systems in Stores

When conditions around refrigeration cases in a supermarket, grocery store or mini market exceed 55°F (13°C) dew point (72°F (22°C) dry bulb/55% relative humidity) condensation can begin to form on the cases and doors. When condensation forms on these appliances, this can cause higher electrical consumption, unwanted condensation dripping on the product, poor visibility of the product, and water on the floor that can lead to slip and fall accidents.

Maintaining the dew point in these areas at or below 52°F (11°C) is an acceptable method to control condensation. Desert Aire ExpertAire™ dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity levels in these areas and therefore improve the product appearance and reduce the risk of accidents in these refrigerated locations.

Desert Aire has been providing commercial dehumidifier solutions since 1978 and have installations throughout North America. We look forward to assisting with your next ice rink dehumidification project! 

If you have any questions, or would like more info on our dehumidification systems, please contact us! If you are in charge of HVAC for buildings like these and are interested in our dehumidification systems, please request a quote.