Warehouse & Industrial Dehumidifiers

Desert Aire’s solutions for Industrial, Warehouse & Storage facilities fortify the protection of your building envelopes. These systems dehumidify the space as moisture migrates through walls, openings and ceilings.

Our solutions also condition supply air, and outside air where required to meet codes for your building types. From commissioning, start up and beyond your facilities benefit from an accurate, dependable, easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient dehumidifier.

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ExpertAire™ Horizontal (LC) & Vertical (LV) Series Dehumidifier

Designed for high efficiency and long life, Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ commercial dehumidification systems optimize moisture removal in a diverse range of applications including:


SelectAire™ (SA) Series Dehumidifier

Desert Aire’s SelectAire™ (SA) Systems can be installed indoors or outdoors.

These commercial dehumidification systems offer complete humidity and air quality control, exhaust air...

ExpertAire™ Wide Temperature Range (LW) Series

More cost-effective than chemical-based units, Desert Aire’s LW Series dehumidification solutions win the battles between low temperature environments and moisture challenges.