Hotel DOAS and Pool Dehumidifiers


Hospitality leaders want to know that temporary living and meeting spaces leave favorable, lasting impressions with guests and customers.  

Desert Aire’s Hotel & Hospitality industry solutions provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments, protect business and property values, and meet or exceed building codes.

Desert Aire’s offerings include dehumidifier units for:

DOAS Dehumidifiers in Hotels

A dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) conditions high levels of outdoor ventilation air prior to delivering to the space or downstream HVAC equipment.

DOAS units are specifically designed to address the higher latent loads present in outdoor air by removing high levels of moisture while still providing cooling or heating of the incoming air. This allows the other HVAC equipment to focus on the zone temperature control. This combined package allows for complete occupant comfort in an efficient manner while meeting the ventilation code requirements.

In addition, Desert Aire's DOAS solutions help overcome the moisture load challenges posed by outdoor ventilation air more effectively than others. Our superior refrigeration designs allow us to provide the desired humidity level and temperature regardless of the current conditions of the great outdoors.

Hot and humid, cool and rainy our units don’t care….we provide the desired output that you are expecting from a DOAS. Design day conditions and part load excuses.

Desert Aire has been serving the Hotel & Hospitality markets since 1978.  We have installations throughout North America and look forward to assisting with hotel dehumidifier replacement units or new construction projects. Contact us for any further questions you may have!