Commercial HVAC for Grow Rooms & Indoor Farming

Desert Aire strives to partner with growers and farmers to transform their indoor environments for the successful production of plants for consumer use. We know that to optimize plant growth indoor growing facilities must control space temperatures as well as absolute humidity levels. To do this Desert Aire’s GrowAire solutions cost-effectively combine the functions of air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

GrowAire solutions include purpose-built, refrigeration-based dehumidification systems that meet the high cooling and dehumidification demands of lights-on modes, without the need to oversize systems for the added heat rejection of conventional portable dehumidifiers. In lights-off modes, they continue to dehumidify and protect plants.

We engineer and support GrowAire solutions to provide indoor growers and farmers with the peace of mind their crops will flourish in the most tightly controlled environments -- while consuming the least amount of energy.



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Download25-AN - Grow Room Load Determination

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