VP of Engineering Craig Burg featured on Dr. Greenhouse podcast

April 2023
News Releases


MILWAUKEE, WI, April 4, 2023: Desert Aire’s Vice President of Engineering Craig Burg is featured on the Dr. Greenhouse podcast https://www.doctorgreenhouse.com/podcast in a 2-part series, “What Plants Crave”. Part 1 https://www.doctorgreenhouse.com/podcast/what-plants-crave-feat-craig-burg-pt-1 aired on March 28 and Part 2 on April 4 https://www.doctorgreenhouse.com/podcast/what-plants-crave-feat-craig-burg-pt-2
Craig and Dr. Greenhouse Nadia Sabeh discuss the unique technological needs for growing crops indoors and in greenhouses, including: what makes indoor plant environments so different from your other equipment applications, The benefits of an integrated system, advice you could give to growers or their service techs on maintaining their equipment and more!

Learn more about HVACD equipment for indoor grow, see https://www.desert-aire.com/categories/growaire%E2%84%A2-systems-and-dri....

For more information view the following Application Notes:

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