Revolutionary Grow Room Dehumidification & Climate Control Solution on Display at CannaCon 2017

February 2017
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Revolutionary grow room dehumidification and climate control solutions from Desert Aire on display at Booth #144 at CannaCon in Seattle, Washington.

This innovative equipment allows grow room operators to get tight control of relative humidity and temperature to increase crop yields.

GrowAire™ Systems combine the control of space conditions into 1 platform. This overcomes the weaknesses of the typical grow room climate control approach. These include conventional air conditioning units and supplemental dehumidifiers fighting each other with limited effectiveness, as air conditioning units cool the space and dehumidifiers add waste heat.

Desert Aire provides engineered solutions to grow room climate control challenges & evapotranspiration issues. These solutions help growers prevent the formation of biological contaminants, as well as save energy and resources.

Desert Aire configures GrowAire™ Systems to meet specific grow room needs. The systems feature an advanced refrigeration design that can vary sensible heat ratios and adjust room temperatures independently of space dehumidification needs, responding to the significant differences between lights-on versus lights-off modes.

Integral to this commercial dehumidifier design is a modulating hot gas reheat system. The system employs several custom proportional, integral and derivative (PID) control algorithms to adjust actual leaving air temperature, teamed with a zone temperature sensor to create a feedback loop.

The dehumidification system also uses dewpoint sensing to ensure it engages the correct number of stages for dehumidification control. This allows the system to efficiently achieve the exact amount of zone cooling or heating required independently of the demand for grow room dehumidification.

GrowAire™ systems range in size from 1 to 60 nominal tons of refrigeration capacity to serve a wide variety of indoor growing spaces, drying rooms, curing rooms and packaging areas. The systems meet conditions from 65°F to 85°F at 45% to 75% RH.

Desert Aire offers several control choices to integrate GrowAire™ systems with building management networks.

Desert Aire Corp. is a Milwaukee-area manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidity and climate control systems.

Desert Aire provides healthy and comfortable indoor environments, while saving energy in a variety of settings.

We frequently serve: indoor pool facilities, grow rooms, commercial greenhouses, indoor water parks, ice rinks, schools and universities, rec and fitness centers, office and retail buildings, and water treatment plants.

Contact Desert Aire today for assistance with your grow room climate control & dehumidification needs; we'll respond shortly!