NEW! GrowAire™ Systems Case Study Video

April 2019
News Releases


Desert Aire has produced a new case study video that highlights the GrowAire™ System climate control solution developed for Revolutionary Clinics, a licensed medical marijuana grow facility in Fitchburg, Mass.

Titled "Creating The Perfect Day," the 5-minute video features interviews with key customer and project team members. These include Christine Champagne, cultivation operations manager, Revolutionary Clinics; and Peter Armando, sales manager/expert grower, Griffin.

The video also provides the perspectives of Desert Aire manufacturer's representative Mike Miller, president, FTP-Fluid Transfer Products, LLC; and Craig Burg, vice president - engineering, Desert Aire.

Topics discussed in the video include defining project needs, defining the solution and how collaboration among project partners is contributing to the ongoing success of the Revolutionary Clinics facility.

Paul Stewart, vice president - sales, said, “We’re thrilled for Revolutionary Clinics and for the success the grower is achieving with crops. The 'Creating The Perfect Day' video gives viewers a sense of how controlling grow room climates precisely and efficiently helps success happen. And how project team members including Desert Aire contribute to this success.”

To view the video “Creating The Perfect Day,” click here.