Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers Showcased at 2017 AHR Expo 2017

February 2017
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Desert Aire showcased 2 of their top indoor pool dehumidifiers at Booth #C1920 at the AHR Expo 2017.

Desert Aire dehumidification systems are key to integrated designs for indoor swimming pools, aquatic centers and natatoriums. In addition to working in harmony with systems that control water temperature, as well as water & air quality, Desert Aire solutions:

  • Safeguard the health of building users
  • Protect the structural integrity of building systems
  • Conserve energy, water & water treatment resources


Spotlighted at AHR Expo 2017 were Desert Aire’s ExpertAire™ & SelectAire™ systems:


ExpertAire™ Pool Dehumidifiers

ExpertAire™ pool dehumidifiers are typically specified for hospitality & hotel pools, as well as therapy pools and residential pools.

Desert Aire bases ExpertAire solutions on the features listed below (with options available to meet specific application requirements):

  • Capacity for pool surface less than 2,000 sq ft (185 sq m)
  • Indoor, outdoor or roof curb installation
  • Provides dehumidification, cooling, heating and ventilation for pool facility
  • Ventilation available to meet ASHRAE 62.1 requirements
  • Pool water heat recovery available
  • Electric or Hot Water Coil auxiliary heat options
  • All voltages and phases available, including single phase
  • Meets AHRI 910
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors
  • Building management connection available


SelectAire™ Pool Dehumidifiers

SelectAire™ pool dehumidifiers are specified as indoor air quality solutions for community centers, gyms & health clubs, competition pools and indoor water parks.

Desert Aire’s SelectAire™ systems also feature a modular concept that allows each pool dehumidification system to be customized for specific applications.

Key design characteristics and options include:

  • Capacity for pool surface greater than 2,000 sq ft (185 sq m).
  • Indoor, outdoor and roof curb installation.
  • Configurable to meet specific application requirements.
  • Available as sectioned unit to overcome logistical challenges of mechanical room with limited access
  • Provides dehumidification, cooling, heating, ventilation & exhaust for natatorium facility
  • Unique ventilation energy recovery design compliant to ASHRAE 62.1 requirements
  • Evacuator low exhaust sequence of operation available
  • Electric, Hot Water Coil and gas auxiliary heat options
  • All 3-phase voltages available
  • Meets AHRI 910
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors.
  • Building management connection available


To bolster its engineered solutions and to reinforce its commitment to customers, Desert Aire helps establish equipment standards and methods in cooperation with HVACR industry & indoor pool industry partners.

These partners include:


Desert Aire builds on in-depth understanding, application expertise &proven technologies to custom-tailor solutions to the specific needs of owner/operators, their swimmers and communities, as well as the buildings that serve them.

Desert Aire Corp. is a leading climate control & dehumidification equipment manufacturer. Desert Aire systems provide healthy & comfortable indoor environments, while convserving energy in a variety of settings.

We serve a multitude of industries, including medical/healthcare, hotel/hospitality, agriculture, grocery & retail, fitness, municipal, education, corporate & more.

Contact Desert Aire for your indoor pool dehumidification needs; we'll respond shortly!