Desert Aire Outlines Impact Of Grow Room Vapor Pressure Deficit On HVAC System Design In New Application Note 28

May 2018
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Crop yield improved by proper choices, integrated environmental control

Milwaukee, WI, USA – Desert Aire, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidity and climate control systems, has published a new technical resource that explains how carefully defining grow room Vapor Pressure Deficits can produce maximum yields and have favorable impacts on the capital and operational costs of HVAC systems.

“Application Note 28 – Vapor Pressure Deficit and HVAC System Design” is a 6-page publication that helps growers, consulting-specifying engineers and mechanical contractors understand the impact of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) on plant growth processes, protecting crops and maximizing yields. 

Vapor Pressure Deficit is a metric that indicates the evapotranspiration potential of grow rooms based on current temperatures and humidity levels. The expressed value is the deficit or differential between the pressure exerted by the moisture at a specific room condition and the pressure at the surfaces of plant leaves.

Using explanatory text as well as color figures, charts and tables, Application Note 28 provides readers with a thorough briefing on the control of indoor grow environments through the management of VPDs. Understanding the fundamental impact of VPDs and temperatures on growth and yield is an important starting point for the planning of indoor grow facilities. The Application Note also outlines how strategically selecting grow room VPDs favorably impacts the sizing of environmental control equipment and associated costs.

Application Note 28 is the latest in a series of technical resources from Desert Aire intended to inform growers, consulting-specifying engineers and mechanical contractors about grow room issues and HVAC equipment strategies. Previous documents in the series included: Application Note 27 – HVAC-Systems and Grow-Room Energy Usage; Application Note 26 – Grow Room Environmental Control; and Application Note 25 – Grow Room Load Determination.

The publication “Application Note 28 – Vapor Pressure Deficit and HVAC System Design” is available for download as a PDF document at To receive a printed copy of the publication, email

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