Desert Aire Helps Create Community Through Local Indoor Farming of Greens and Fish in Georgia

February 2022


Milwaukee, WI - Desert Aire's GrowAire dehumidification system is helping create community through local sustainable indoor farming of greens and fish in Peach Tree, Georgia. From lettuce to microgreens to herbs to fish, Alō Farms is using alternative farming and innovative methods to create "better than organic" products. 

Although units were shipped previously, the Alō Farms’ application is a unique controlled environment agriculture application that includes hydroponics and aquaculture.  This order consisted of 3 GrowAire™ packaged units.  Mike Beall of Applied Air Solutions who worked closely with the design team to select and provide the best HVAC solution for the application.  

Project highlights:
•    3 packaged GrowAire™ units @ 280,000 BTUH each) at the Peachtree City facility
•    Maintaining 75 degrees and 55% humidity setpoints 

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