Dehumidifier Specs, Tech Bulletins & Application Notes

Our Technical Bulletins and Application Notes provide detailed information on the engineering principles upon which our systems are based. These documents also offer strategies customers can use to maximize the performance and returns of their Desert Aire solutions.

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PDF icon 21-TB - Heat Pump Design for 100% Outdoor Air Systems
PDF icon 23-AN - Maximizing Energy Efficiency for Water Cooled Chiller Applications
PDF icon 24-AN - AHRI 920 Performance
PDF icon 27-AN-HVAC-Systems-and-Grow-Room-Energy-Usage.pdf
PDF icon 28-AN-Vapor-Pressure-Deficit-and-HVAC-System-Design.pdf
PDF icon Tech Tip 111 Pool Design Turnover Rates
PDF icon Tech Tip 110 DOAS Design for VAV System
PDF icon Tech Tip 109 Drain Traps
PDF icon Tech Tip 108 Saline Pool Water Chemistry Recommendations
PDF icon Tech Tip 107 Elevation Impact on Dehumidification
PDF icon Tech Tip 106 Special Procedures Related to Compressor Replacement
PDF icon Tech Tip 104 Remote Condenser Field Piping
PDF icon Tech Tip 103 Desert Aire Refrigeration System Service
PDF icon Tech Tip 101 DOAS LEED Compliance
PDF icon 19-TB - Energy Recovery Wheel Technology
PDF icon Tech Tip 112 SCCR Rating and Circuit Breaker Application
PDF icon Tech Tip 113 Pool Dehumidifier Efficiency Rating & Compliance to ASHRAE 90.1
PDF icon Tech Tip 114 SCCR Rating
PDF icon Tech Tip 114 Seacoast Remote Condenser Construction
PDF icon Tech Tip 115 Economizer for Indoor Pools