Portable / Small Commercial Dehumidfiers

Product Details

The Desert Aire HPR 120 Series is our portable commercial dehumidifier unit. These portable dehumidifiers are manufactured with the same high quality as our larger dehumidification systems.

The HPR 120 Series combines mobility, ruggedness, dependability & quiet operation. They also offer configuration flexibility to deliver unsurpassed moisture removal.

Our portable commercial dehumidifier units are used for maximum moisture removal in small area applications.

The HPR 120 Series is ideal as:

  • Water Treatment Plant Dehumidifiers
  • Storage Room Dehumidifiers
  • Residential Dehumidifiers


Please see below for important product spec and PDFs.

Features & Specs

Desert Aire’s HPR 120 Series systems feature the following:

  • Capacity to remove 120 pints/day (57 l/day).
  • Indoor installation.
  • Portable, wall mount or floor mount configurations.
  • Optional defrost cycle allows operation down to 40F (5 C)
  • Rugged metal construction for long life.
  • Condensate pump available.
  • Integral humidistat for automatic operation.
Product Downloads
Download Brochure-Portable-Dehumidifier-HPR-Series-DA318.pdf

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