Aura™ Series DOAS Units

Product Details

Desert Aire's Aura™ Series DOAS units help ensure proper indoor air quality and comfort while addressing moisture, cooling and heating loads – as well as recovering and saving energy.

The Aura™ Series DOAS units are designed for IAQ-critical applications, including:

See below for important product specs and PDFs.

Features & Specs

Desert Aire's Aura™ DOAS units feature:

  • Capacity to treat 900 to 12,000 cfm (1,500 to 20,000 cum/hr).
  • Roof curb installation WSHP Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Optimized refrigeration system for maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Packaged air or water-cooled designs.
  • Energy recovery wheel option available.
  • Heat pump option available with inverter scroll compressor.
  • Electric and gas auxiliary heat options
  • All 3-phase voltages available.
  • Meets AHRI 920 and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 minimum rating values.
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors. Building management connection available.
Product Downloads
Download Brochure-Aura-With-All-Options.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-CM3500-Series-DA284.pdf
Download Brochure-Controls-AireGuard-DA334.pdf
Download Insert Aura Control Strategy.pdf
Download Insert Aura Curb.pdf
Download Insert Aura Gas Heat.pdf
Download Insert Aura Electric Heat.pdf
Download Insert Aura Enthalpy Wheel.pdf
Download Insert Aura Miscellaneous Return Air Recirculation.pdf
Download Insert Aura Heat Pump.pdf
Download Insert Aura Miscellaneous Options.pdf
Download Insert Aura Hot Water Coil.pdf
Download G806-001 Aura Packaged General Arrangement Drawing.pdf
Download G806-002 Aura Q-Pump General Arrangement Drawing.pdf
Download G806-003 Aura Packaged w Wheel General Arrangement Drawing.pdf
Download G806-004 Aura Q-Pump w Wheel General Arrangement Drawing.pdf
Download BIM-Aura-Packaged-QS20-to-QS25.rfa
Download BIM-Aura-Packaged-QS30.rfa
Download BIM-Aura-Packaged-Return-Air-QS08-to-QS15.rfa
Download BIM-Aura-Packaged-Return-Air-QS20-to-QS25.rfa
Download BIM-Aura-Packaged-Return-Air-QS30.rfa
Download BIM-TotalAire Extended Non-Packaged 20 Ton.rfa
Download Tech-Note-DOAS-Dehumidification-Methods-Technical-Bulletin-DA116.pdf
Download Tech-Note-Heat-Pump-Design-DOAS-Technical-Bulletin-DA121.pdf
Download Tech-Note-Energy-Recovery-Wheel-Technology-Technical-Bulletin-DA119.pdf
Download IAQ BACnet Points Ver 3_2_3.pdf
Download IAQ LON Points Ver 3_2_3.pdf
Download IAQ MODBUS Points Ver 3_2_3.pdf

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