This smell is actually not chlorine, but is the disinfectant byproducts of the water chlorination process. Chlorine in a pool is used to keep the pool water safe from bacteria, viruses, and other water matter that could be passed from swimmer to swimmer. The disinfectant byproducts of this water treatment results in the creation of compounds that can be harmful to the swimmers.


Proper ventilation of the pool room is critical in maintaining the indoor air quality. The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has established a method to establish the proper volume of outdoor air for indoor pools. However, the location of the pool room exhaust is critical in the removal of the disinfectant byproducts of the water treatment.


Well-designed duct work is very important and a proper exhaust location can dramatically improve the indoor air quality in a pool room.


To learn more, review the following documents or contact Desert Aire to assist you with improving the indoor quality for your indoor pool room.


Technical Bulletin #9 Interaction of Pool Water and Air Chemistry 

Technical Bulletin #5 Ventilation Air for Indoor Pools 

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