Using only outdoor air for your poolroom ventilation can be expensive and makes it difficult to control a poolroom's humidity level, and the rate of evaporation from the pool surface. In some areas, outdoor air will often contain more moisture than the air inside the poolroom. Introducing humid outdoor air only increases the moisture content of the air inside the poolroom where it condenses on surfaces that are cooler than the dewpoint temperature. This condensation can lead to deterioration of the furnishings and the building itself while causing odors and promoting mold growth.

Conversely, introducing outdoor air that is too dry into a poolroom can accelerate evaporation of the pool water. In addition to the expense of adding water and water treatment chemicals to the pool, the accelerated evaporation makes swimmers feel chilled when their skin quickly dries upon leaving the water. Desert Aire dehumidification systems provide optimum control of humidity in your poolroom environment to safeguard the comfort and health of building users; protect furnishings and building systems; and conserve energy, water and water treatment resources.

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