A: Focus on understanding your goals and what your HVACD loads are going to be. Consider:

• Number of lights needed

• Type of watering, grow media and racking

• What is the building structure type and envelop?

• Is there potential for heat infiltration into the facility?

• Will you use a harvest at once or perpetual harvest growth cycle?

• you have good air distribution? What temperature and humidity levels (VPD) will you target?

• Will you add CO2?

• What are your energy use and availability constraints?

• Where will the HVACD equipment be located?

Using the information about all these variables we can provide a tight band with respect to loads. Knowing the loads, we can select the right HVACD equipment and can provide budgetary numbers for equipment selection. 


Even though a cannabis facility setup is unfamiliar to a new grower or cannabis facility owner, there have been hundreds of people like you all over the country that have gone before you that Desert Aire has worked with. Desert Aire has a good idea of the type of HVACD equipment that is going to work for a cannabis grow operation, from flower rooms to mother and veg rooms to drying rooms. Desert Aire has more than 1,500 units in more than 175 indoor grow projects controlling more than 2 million square feet of indoor grow space. Contact us with your questions to learn more and let us help you with HVACD equipment selection. 


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