DOAS is a dedicated outdoor air system. DOAS are used to introduce outside air into a space as specified by the mechanical design engineer. In many areas local building codes require that outdoor air be brought into the building to help improve indoor air quality for occupants.

Unfortunately, outdoor air can also introduce moisture into a facility and can create IAQ problems such as mold, mildew and an environment where viruses and other organisms can flourish. The key to preventing mold formation and IAQ problems is to control the humidity level inside the building. While a standard air conditioner is thermostat controlled to provide space cooling, it cannot accurately control the humidity levels.

Desert Aire's answers to this problem are our Aura™, VerticalAire™ and TotalAire™ systems, which are designed to introduce 100% outdoor air while precisely controlling space humidity and temperature levels.

Please contact your local Desert Aire Representative for help in selecting the Aura™, VerticalAire or TotalAire DOAS system that is best for your application.

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