AireGuard™ is Desert Aire’s remote monitoring and alarming tool that allows a user to easily monitor the performance of the dehumidifier on a cloud-based database at any computer or portable device. All that is required is an Ethernet Internet connection directly to the Desert Aire operating controller.


Information security is maintained since this is a cloud based system where the client computer only accesses the remote data servers. The unit controller transmits data to and from the cloud storage location. Communication at the controller takes place on port 80, the same port that any computer uses to communicate with the web. The existing LAN firewall is maintained and no action from the IT department is required as long as the facility has internet access.


Users log onto the cloud-based service to view and interact with data. No further access to your local network is required. This connection will meet all of your IT department’s security requirements. LC, LV, and LCQ Series products have an onboard Ethernet connection as standard.


The AireGuard interface easily brings the read and write variables in real time to the display screen. It allows the user to adjust set points remotely as well as monitor all the operating variables.


The Desert Aire LC/LV/LCQ Series have another feature that allows the local display interface to be duplicated on the cloud based interface. This feature allows for remote startup capabilities by Desert Aire employees.


Since the refrigeration system of a dehumidifier is very complex, many owners hire outside firms to maintain their HVAC units. The alarm management feature of AireGuard provides the owner with email or SMS notifications at time of occurrence. With appropriate access to the Desert Aire dehumidifier unit via the cloud, the servicing contractor or Desert Aire may be able to evaluate the unit’s alarm with corrective action without visiting the site.


AireGuard is included with each LC/LV/LCQ unit and includes a two year subscription to the cloud data storage. Renewal subscriptions can be purchased after expiration.

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