The switch from HID to LED is the most common change. The biggest difference between HID and LED is the LED lighting produces significantly less radiant heat. Comparing the leaf temperature of a room with HID and LED lights shows the room with HID lights has leaf temperatures of 3-4 degrees F higher than the room temperature. The room with LED lighting will have leaf temperatures of 2-3 degrees lower than the room temperature. The reduction in leaf temperatures with LED lighting allows growers to raise the room temperature slightly.


The reduction in radiant heat in grow rooms with LED lighting results in the ability to raise the room temperature slightly.  The benefit of this is the DX system’s latent moisture removal capacity while reducing the sensible cooling in the room. One of the key factors in a lighting change is the corresponding change in temperature and humidity set points. The performance of HVACD systems is greatly impacted by the lighting choice and set points. Always review every room condition calculation when making a change in plant count, lighting, watering or anything in a cultivation room and determine how it affects the HVACD system, its capacity, settings, and performance.

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