DriCure™ Systems

Product Details

Cannabis Drying Room Climate Control & Dehumidification

Desert Aire’s DriCure™ Dehumidification Systems are specifically designed as an all-in-one solution for cannabis drying rooms.

These commercial dehumidification systems feature scalable designs to provide drying room solutions when plants are just harvested; and then regulate humidity levels as harvested plants dry in approximately 7 to 14 days. It will handle the complete year-round dehumidification, heating and cooling needs of the room.

See below for important product specs and PDF.

Features & Specs

Desert Aire’s DriCure™ solutions feature:

  • Moisture Removal Capacity at 70F/60%RH
    • LW03: 12 lbs/hr
    • LW05: 19 lbs/hr
    • LW08: 27 lbs/hr
    • LW10: 36 lbs/hr
    • LW12: 53 lbs/hr
    • LW15: 58 lbs/hr
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Optimized refrigeration system for moisture removal
  • Air cooled units fully operational down to -20F (-29C)
  • Integral microprocessor controller including temperature, humidity and refrigeration pressures
  • Humidifier control option available
  • Water cooled units available
  • Building management connections available
Product Downloads
Download Brochure-GrowAire-Series-DriCure.pdf
Download 30-AN - Structure Design in Grow Room Applications
Download Brochure-Controls-AireGuard-DA334.pdf

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