Software and Product Engineering Technician

The Software and Product Engineering Technician position at Desert Aire works with Product Engineering to expand and improve the online pricing and sizing software (Desert Aire ProjectAire) and other standard product-related information. The position works closely with Product Engineering personnel, Sales, and the Software Solutions Architect. Updating and maintaining the files that are the core of the information related to the engineering data, pricing, and application of the files under the direction of those responsible for the core information. 

The position requires excellent organizational skills and a dedication to thoroughness. High-level communication skills are also required.

Specific Responsibilities:

The Software and Product Engineering Technician is responsible for the coordination of development, testing, and release of new or updated parts of the ProjectAire environment. They are also responsible for Installation and Operations manual releases and other standard product documentation as part of Product Engineering. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

ProjectAire (Desert Aire Configuration and Pricing Software) 

Development of New Models

  • Reviewing and reorganizing the spreadsheets developed by Project Engineering and Sales to format for integration into ProjectAire.
  • Creation of “Test Data” to communicate valid selections for each input of the Engine.
  • Development of testing plan for ProjectAire for each release.
  • Acceptance testing for new products

Sales Support

  • Updating items such as Representative codes, freight engine, pricing adjustments, and other items
  • Backup guidance for Regional Sales Managers training (typically when Inside Sales is not available)
  • Answering questions related to the functionality of the system
  • Documenting potential improvement suggestions

User Support

  • Backup user support when Regional Sales Managers are not available (typically third tier backup)
  • Password reset Assistance
  • System Administration
  • Reviewing system-related issues and ushering efforts of Software Solutions Architects and/or web site host as required to correct issues
  • Maintaining revision and version control of all files related to the system

Software Improvement

  • Maintaining the list of potential improvements based on user suggestions and lower priority issues found during use.
  • Regularly reviewing the list of potential improvements with Desert Aire Management for prioritization and kickoff

Installation and Operations Manuals

Overseeing the revisions to the manuals, including:

  • Compiling changes from several sources,
  • Coordination and review of the graphics when illustrations are required (in conjunction with Desert Aire Marketing)
  • Routing proposed new versions to stakeholders and updating per reviewer comments
  • Issuing final Engineering Change to file and release within internal systems

Issuing of New Manuals

  • Obtaining drafts from Project Engineering
  • Coordinating with Technical Publishing internal personnel and consultants to determine appropriate layouts

Product Engineering

Responsibilities for standard product documentation such as label files, forms, and other related documentation may be assigned. Special projects related to Product Engineering release of custom system designs or standard product updates and revisions may also be assigned. 


The ideal candidate for this position will have a good understanding of Office applications, particularly Excel functions. A working knowledge of Visual Basic is a plus. Previous work within an engineering and/or manufacturing environment will help the candidate prepare for the typical interactions.

Career Type: 
Germantown, WI
Software and Product Engineering Technician