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We're looking for a Testing Technician

Full Time in Germantown, WI

Job Description

Job Description

Desert Aire is looking to add a Testing Technician to support its engineering team. Our Testing Department is currently looking for a talented testing technician experienced in the testing of mechanical equipment.  Our testing department is responsible for final system qualification.  This includes testing of mechanical, electrical, controls, and refrigeration systems to our quality standards.  Proper diagnostics and analysis of malfunctioning components or system is frequently needed.

This person will be responsible for all final product testing before products are shipped out to customers. This person will be working very hands-on out on the shop floor. They will be working directly with the engineering team and manufacturing groups to ensure all products are fully functional and operational. They will be responsible for setting the units up (connecting them to water and electrical sources). From there they will run through a testing procedure and complete appropriate forms. They will be using various testing equipment and tools, performing basic calculations, and documenting their findings. They will be the person determining if units are pass/ fail. From there they will be breaking the units down and helping prep them for shipping to a customer.

Work Environment

Manufacturing shop floor, working at the end of the production line, testing all final assembled products.


HVAC/R certificate, associate’s degree or in the process of obtaining this level of education

Strong mechanical/electrical aptitude

Some understanding of PLCs / controllers.

Knowledge of the use of the following tools is required:

-Digital multi meter, manifold gauge set, thermocouple reader, other test equipment


Understand Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration. Be able to troubleshoot, think outside the box, and make determinations if the products are appropriate for pass or fail.  A positive attitude in the face of technical challenges and tight time expectations is a must.  Desert Aire testing has a "Quality First" mantra.  Dedication to this under pressure is a key.  Communication of issues and errors to floor personnel and supervision in a clear and proper manner is expected.

Understanding of PLC control systems for refrigeration and relay ladder logic.   

Additional Information

This is a contract position with potential for a full-time position.  Wages are competitive with a recent graduate from HVAC service program up to three years of experience.  There are opportunities for overtime as the production schedule demands.

Desert Aire specializes in the design and manufacture of humidity control systems.  We’ve been producing humidity control systems in the Milwaukee area since 1978.  Our units can be found in process manufacturing plants, indoor swimming pool structures, water and wastewater facilities, and storage and warehousing applications across the country.  Desert Aire’s experience and reputation within the dehumidification industry makes us a recognized leader in the field.

We're looking for a Testing Technician

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