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Pool Rooms

Natatorium and Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers

Evaporation in an enclosed pool room can make swimmers uncomfortable, fog windows and condense on and within walls causing structural damage. Desert Aire's full range of dehumidifiers effectively removes moisture from the air to provide a comfortable environment for occupants while eliminating the conditions that can contribute to mold growth and the deterioration of the structure and furnishings.

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ExpertAire Horizontal (LC) & Vertical (LV) Series Dehumidifiers ExpertAire is an enduring product that represents the culmination of our core expertise in dehumidification. These units have the ability to solve diverse industrial, commercial and residential moisture problems while conserving energy - a true energy eff
ND Series Dehumidifiers A complete series of large commercial and industrial dehumidification systems designed to solve the toughest humidity and moisture problems. These systems remove between 55 and 340 Lb/Hr (25 to 155 Kg/Hr) of moisture.
SelectAire™ (SA) Series Dehumidifiers Featuring exhaust air energy recovery and its automatic air balancing, the Desert Aire SelectAire™ (SA) System is leading edge technology for natatorium dehumidifiers. The SA systems remove between 55 and 340 Lb/Hr (25 to 155 Kg/Hr) of moisture.
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