Dehumidifier Specs, Tech Bulletins & Application Notes

Our Technical Bulletins and Application Notes provide detailed information on the engineering principles upon which our systems are based. These documents also offer strategies customers can use to maximize the performance and returns of their Desert Aire solutions.

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PDF icon 01-TB - Refrigerant Dehumidification Technology
PDF icon 02-TB - Basic Dehumidification Refrigeration Flow Diagrams
PDF icon 03 TB - Dehumidification and the Psychrometric Chart
PDF icon 05-TB - Ventilation Air for Indoor Pools
PDF icon 06-TB - Select Aire Recovery System
PDF icon 07-TB - Indoor Pool Dehumidification
PDF icon 08-TB - Pool Room Design Summary
PDF icon 09-TB - Interaction of Pool Water and Air Chemistry
PDF icon 10-AN - Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Sizing
PDF icon 11-AN - Industrial Dehumidifier Sizing
PDF icon 12-AN - Water Treatment Plant and Pumping Station Dehumidifier Sizing
PDF icon 13-AN - Indoor Ice Rink Dehumidification
PDF icon 14-TB - ASHRAE Compliance Using Modern Air Handlers
PDF icon 15-AN - Treatment of 100% Outside Air
PDF icon 16-TB - 100% Outside Air Dehumidification Methods
PDF icon 18-TB - Natatorium Economizer vs. Conventional Dehumidifier
PDF icon 19-TB - Energy Recovery Wheel Technology
PDF icon 20-TB - DX DOAS Control Strategy
PDF icon 21-TB - Heat Pump Design for 100% Outdoor Air Systems
PDF icon 23-AN - Maximizing Energy Efficiency for Water Cooled Chiller Applications